Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Paper Tower

My sweet hunny made me a paper tower for my papers, however we still need a some more slats, so Lowe's trip tomorrow and I will need another tower as I have more
We started out with long boards of mdf...and hardboard for slats.
I primed the outside with a dark color in error, but didnt want to waste so I used it.  I only primed the outsides and a little in, as the paper would hide the sides and bottom. (once filled with paper) He measured the holes 1 1/2" apart and we added dowels cut into 2" pieces...he drilled holes all the way thru both sides to insure proper placement.

I ended up painting, painting it this cream color, as we bought paint from the discount bin...only paid $3 for a gallon, which will be good to coordinate the other items in my room...and another tower.  We need more slats like I mentioned before, but each tower will hold 32 colors.

I put my blocks on the bottom for now, the cuddle bug has found its 
And here is the rest of my colors, and this my friends is why I need another

So many different colors...but I love having the choices and I still need more colors!

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My Daddy
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