Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Afternoon Blog Crawling

I am sitting here at my "regular" on my blogs and facebook....and found a Blog Crawl with Bella. Shhh!!! I am caught up with work, so I thought I would check it out...I love these srapping blog crawls, not just for the prizes, but meeing new bloggers for one. I have found my passion for scrapping and making cards. To me a handmade card is so much more then one bought at the store...I even made them when I was younger for people and my daddy. And I didnt even no about scrapping when I was younger, of course we are talking about the 70's and 80's. A friend of mine was telling me she made her son a scrapbook for christmas of his twin daughters first year. And as she was describing to me the book, as I am in another state now, I thought how beautiful it must be. She said Denise, I dont have all of that stuff you have or tools. I told her you dont need to have everything under the sun in scrapbooking supplies to make a beautiful scrapbook. A scrapbook is about what your vision is, not what anyone elses is. She did buy some things of course! Who could resist in reality! Her daughter-n-law cried when she seen it. As I look over these blogs, I see beautiful work with minimal supplies, and they are gorgeous. But I have to admit, I wouldnt mind winning more supplies, cause to me, can we ever have "enough?", not in my Well I will posting some more art on Sunday, made a few things last week but didnt post. Everyone have a great craft weekend, and remember to get outside and make memories to scrap.

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My Daddy

My Daddy
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