Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hey Ya'll

Well it's the saturday before Valentines Day, and I need to make my hunny a card....oh so many ideas, in my head and from fellow paper crafters. I have started to look for inspiration in everyday life...if I see something I try to remember it. But now I have gotten a little smarter, you know the camera feature on our cell phones...yeah it takes pictures....who woulda So now if I see something inspiring I am takin a pic, cause I dont know about you, but I am old and have no I have been in a lull for almost 2 years...I am missing my cropping buddies in florida and my ctmh she was inspirational and always taught new techniques. That's another reason, I put my consulting business to the back burner....and now I live in a small town with other consultants, so I am going to concentrate on building it slow and enjoy the products. So I am off to make a card and start a memory box for a baby shower gift. And oh yeah I have to do pesky laundry and clean the kitchen....thankfully my hunny cleaned the upstairs....he's great!!!! Have a great weekend!!!


Holly said...

Hi Denise! I found your blog after you started following mine! I am glad you started a blog and even though you mainly started it as a way to track your weight loss, it appears you craft too! I hope you will share the valentine you are going to make for your hunny!

I just found a great recipe that is very filling and loaded with things that are good for you. Drain 2 cans of black beans - mash (I used a food processor)add 1/2 jar salsa, at this point you can add other things or leave it. I add chopped onions, chopped cook carrots and zuchinni. Then spread the mixture on flour tortillas Top with some cheese and another tortilla. Bake at 350 until the tortillas are brown. Cut into pizza slices and serve with rest of salsa and or sour sour cream or guacamole.

CntryGrl said...

thanks for the recipe...yeah i dont know what i want this blog to be about...i think just about me...which is getting healthing and paper crafting...thanks for the comment!!

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My Daddy
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