Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feeling Down but not Out

I have been under the weather the last few days, and one thing I do not like is being sick on the weekends....since I work in Little Rock, but live 46 miles from my job...weekends are my time to get things done...and since I have back in my scrappin mode...thanks to a "small" but great space I fixed up in our spare room. We are currently in a townhouse/apartment so I am making the best with what I have...makes me think of Polly. You remember the old Disney movie, where when someone complained about something she said well think of something happy about it or something like This has been a good week for my cardmakin though. I made three cards thru the One for a friends birthday, one for a co-worker (she wanted an extra card for her daughters 8th b-day), and one for a card swap (theme = pink/encouragement/breast cancer). Check them out! So what do you think? I have two other swaps one for February that is due the end of the month...I just joined last week, so I will get that done's only one card. And then I joined another swap, but it's 15 cards...I think this will be my fave...and get this...the swaps are miles away from me so I have to mail....I cant wait to get mine back from the swap. Well I need to get off of here I want to play, and even though I am sick, I just cant stop I not only have the sick bug, but the scrappin bug....oh that one is the best to have too!!! And I will make sure to take my theraflu and rest also. Have a great scrappin weekend my friends!

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My Daddy

My Daddy
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