Monday, January 18, 2010

Good-Bad Week

Well it's been a little bit since I wrote, sometimes I forget to make time to write in this journal. I had a good-bad Good, in the sense I have a great life, praise God, but bad, cause I didnt do a great job on the diet. I'm not doing that bad, just on the weekend when i am by myself and bored, i snack. And since Robert is not doing this with me, he has "BAD FOOD" in the house, and it calls to me....Denise, oh Denise, I'm lonely in this bag, canister, I find myself with not much energy, and yes i know the reason, it's called being over-weight. I will continue to work on this challange this week, pray for me!
Watched a little football over the weekend, ready for the superbowl, my prediction, Saints vs Colts. Who will win? Not sure, I think it could go either way, they are both great teams. Watching football reminds me of my dad, his team was the Redskins. He loved football, watched when ever it was on. So when I watch, I feel close to the memory. So that was about it for the week, not much happened! I will try to write more and post pics. Peace!

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My Daddy

My Daddy
This is my fave pic of my MP in the Marines