Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy Monday

Well it was a monday, not to bad as monday's go. Started out a little slow, i played on facebook, before it was actually time to I'm serious! I usually get to work about 30-45 minutes early, so i dont have to deal with the traffic. Which usually gives me time to sit and prepare myself for the day. If I lived closer, I probably wouldn't go in so early. But I live 46 miles from my job, I must be crazy. Do you know how many people do this, just so they can live outside the big still amazes me. I did not get on last night, due to the fact I was being lazy, it was cold outside, and we stayed in all day. I made Rob a cake and some BBQ chicken. Yes I ate it too, but was grilled bbq chicken. If we had a grill, need to get one, I would have grilled them! And yes I had a piece of cake, dont have much around here for my snacks, I have them on the grocery list. I did make a new grocery list pad to go on the fridge....Rob is big on sticking to the list when we grocery shoppin, of course we do go off a little. It does keep us from wasting money on something we really dont need any ways. I was listening to a Whatever Martha with Alex and Jennifer on the way home, and they were talking about the S.G. (surgeon general) being overweight. They were asking, should the SG be overweight when she is the Top Dog in medicine and she is suppose to inform us on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Now personally, being a big person also, I do not think it is right. The SG should be of a higher standard of living, healthy wise, to get us in shape or healthy. Healthy means many things, overweight, drinking, smoking, dont take drugs, i.e. Doesnt it say on every cigarette box, "Surgeon General Warning". Now if the SG was smoking, we would be upset at that as well. How can you tell us smoking is dangerous, when you are smoking??? The same should go for weight as well. Ok thats enough! I ate a little ckic an dumplin for supper, love my spellin...that's the country girl in me. Any who, then I had some pretzels for a snack, I did drink all my waters today....hooray for me!!!! It's time for bed....ttfn my friends~

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My Daddy

My Daddy
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