Saturday, January 9, 2010

My First Blog

Well I maybe a little late to the game with this blog thingy. I wanted to start one on the first of the new year, 2010, but it wasn't meant to be. So it's a little over a week later and I thought I might get started. Wow....2010, I cant believe I have been thru 40 new year's, and by the grace of God I am still alive. I have kept him busy watching over I am thankful for the grace He has shown me. I wanted to start this as a way to track my weight loss! Yes really! And I might shock some of you, I am going to put my weight out there, 270 lbs.....yes u read that right. I have put my age and weight out there, and yes I am a I know that is taboo with most females, but I feel good about myself; just my weight. I have been over in pounds most of my life. But my thirties really saw the big numbers, and I have went up and down, up and down for 10 years. I am ready to break this cycle, and I hope you will keep me accountable. I love food, and unfortunately food loves I just need to try and find a healthier way to enjoy food. What I ask from you; keep me in your prayers, give me advice, and recipes for healthier versions of comfort I may need comforting! I will try my best to write in this blog every day, but not making promises. And feel free to make any kind of comment, I will appreciate them all. That's why I am writing this Ok well, sometimes I will write a little and sometimes Iwill write alot....and tonight I am tired. Good Night and God Bless!

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My Daddy

My Daddy
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