Saturday, April 17, 2010

A few Odds and Ends

Here are a few cards/projects I completed during the week and today besides my challenge card. 

This one is for our Pastor at Church...our family life group is going to give him a basket with some of his favorite goodies...I just started with this group last week and already see the faith and love they have for our Lord!

And on that note...our family life group leader, Ms Sandy, has us write the verses from Sunday's services in a notebook.  And then we are held accountable at group by a fellow member, they don't check word for word but that we at least wrote out our verses.  This keeps us in the word, and for me helps me learn the bible.  Of course I had to decorate my notebook, it's simple with a verse on the front....I choose a tree, because it's always growing and changing....
And then I purchased a binder to put all our newsletters and notes from our group.  And yes I had to make it beautiful.... It has a glare...haha so you can see me takin a pic!
I hope you enjoy!


Holly said...

I love the idea you had to keep your newsletters in the binder, and you've decorated it so nicely! Love the tree with the bitty flower on your notebook too!
You did a great job making a card for a man - the paper you picked is wonderful!

kadie said...

These are beautiful!! I love that first one with the chocolate/orange/blue color combo--gorgeous!

My Daddy

My Daddy
This is my fave pic of my MP in the Marines